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Fun Community Competition

The Competition

Show off your understanding of the soccer game against other community members...

The main purpose of this is to create friendships and a strong community bond. This is meant to create a positive and EXCITING vibe amongst community members.

Very easy and simple process:
Pick a match from the list of matches we provide, and predict the score to stand a chance to win. You will be required to predict the correct score of 3 matches for R30. Predict from PSL, EPL ,LaLiga and other top leagues.

To Win, ALL your score predictions from all 3 matches must be correct.

You will accumulate points towards your free soccer match tickets and/or bursaries with every prediction.

How Do I Win?

You will win a share of all the predictions monies paid in by members towards the competition for that week's games/matches.

If more than one winner, the prediction funds are divided amongst those winners equally.

Social Responsibility

EmbraceSportSA Community Stokvels’ main purpose is to create communities that help one another. Over and above helping each other, 10% of the monies collected in this fun competition will be donated to different charities as nominated by community members. Members will be notified which charity organization will be getting each month's funds at all times.

Be sure to visit our Facebook Page to make sure you’re updated with what EmbraceSportSA Community Stokvel has done.

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